The Annual Review Process for Academic Staff is set out in the Rules and Procedures Relating to the Terms and Confirmation of Appointment, Determination of Salary, Advancement and Promotion of Members of Academic Staff (Green Book), and the schedule of meetings and items for consideration during the academic year is detailed in the Promotions Committee for Academic Staff 2018/19 Memo. The process is laid out in the Promotions Committee Process for Academic and R&A Staff 2017/18.

Members of academic staff whose cases will be reviewed by the Academic Promotions Committee will need to complete an Academic Promotion Application Form and should read the Academic Promotion Guidance Notes.

Members of academic staff whose cases will be considered for an ex-gratia payment should complete the Annual Review – Ex-Gratia Payment Form and may wish to refer to the Ex-Gratia Payment Guidelines.

Guidance is provided to promotions committee members relating to assessments of part time staff or those with special circumstances.

The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about promotions. 

Feedback is requested on our new draft Academic Progressions Handbook.