Leading and managing change at the University of East Anglia

Change is an ever-present and essential part of life, and the University a constantly evolving organisation. While this can make it a dynamic and vibrant place to work, change can present challenges for individuals and groups, and needs to be expertly managed if we are to realise the benefits of making changes at any scale.

This guidance document presents a recommended approach to leading and managing change. The University would expect anyone leading a change initiative to consider all the stages within this guidance, wherever possible, whatever the scale of change. The same considerations apply for big, structural changes and for smaller adjustments in the pursuit of continual improvement; people will still experience change, and will need help to experience it positively.

Where change is likely to impact on the employment, contracts and/or general terms and conditions of staff, there is a legal requirement to consult formally with the recognised Trade Unions and the staff involved. If there is any question of a possible change affecting the employment, contracts and/or terms and conditions of staff, you must consult immediately with your HR Manager who will advise you on the process to be followed.