The University expects satisfactory standards of behavior, conduct and attendance from all its employees. The Disciplinary Procedures provide a framework for dealing with instances where employees are alleged not to have met the required standards. The aim is to ensure prompt, consistent and fair treatment for all employees and to assist in enabling both the employee and the University to be clear about the expectations of both parties.

The University is also committed to promoting effective working relationships and an environment in which employees feel able to raise work-related issues with their managers. The Grievance Procedures provide a clear and transparent framework to deal with concerns, problems or complaints raised by employees in the course of their employment in relation to matters affecting themselves as individuals, or matters affecting their personal dealings or relationships with other employees.

Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure for Support Staff
Grievance Procedure for Support Staff

Disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures for academic staff:

Statute 7
Ordinance 6