Information about annual leave entitlements for employees in all staff groups is set out in the appropriate terms and conditions of employment and employees may find it useful to familiarise themselves with the Guidance on the Management of Annual Leave.

Part-time employees are entitled to pro-rata annual leave, as set out in the Management Guidance on Part-time Employees – Calculation of Annual Leave.

The Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator (2019/2020) and the Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator – Guidance Notes will help managers to calculate accurate annual leave entitlement for part-time staff.

A Team Leave Record is available for managers to track leave within their team. The Employee Absence Record can be used to track various type of absence for individual members of staff.

In addition to the eight statutory days holiday, staff at UEA also benefit from an additional six customary days holiday, to be taken on specific dates at Christmas and Easter. For future planning purposes it may be helpful to refer to the framework for determining customary days.

Annual leave should be requested in accordance with your departmental procedure. If your department is registered for self-service leave management, please access MyView to manage your leave requests.