Encompassing a wide range of topics Encompassing a wide range of topics

Medieval History

There is a particular focus on the high and late Middle Ages in Britain, Europe 1000 - 1300, and medieval East Anglia, including the scholarly editing of medieval sources. Specialists include Prof Nick Vincent (Magna Carta), Prof Stephen Church (kingship and power) and Dr Tom Licence (monastic history and the Norman Conquest).

Early Modern Britain

Research interests span the British revolutions of the period, authority and rebellion, political culture, discourse and political theory, social change, popular culture and East Anglian history. Specialists include Prof Malcolm Gaskill (British social and cultural history) and Prof Geoff Plank (British colonialism in America).

Early Modern and Modern Europe

The range and diversity of expertise in European history is demonstrated by the ongoing work of Dr Silvia Evangelisti (cultural and social history of Italy 1450 - 1800), Prof Peter Waldron (modern Russia and the USSR), Dr Matthias Neumann (revolutionary Russia) and Prof Cathie Carmichael (ethnicity and genocide in the Balkans).

Modern British and International History

UEA has particular research strengths in Britain and its external relations since the early 19th century. Among the specialists are Prof Tony Howe (modern Britain, international economy), Dr Thomas Otte (British foreign policy), Dr Emma Griffin (culture, society and economic history 1700 - 1900), Dr Becky Taylor (minorities, migration and the state) and Dr Geoff Hicks (modern British foreign policy).

Landscape History

The School is a centre of excellence in the archaeological and historical study of all forms of landscapes, settlement, buildings and material culture. This is reflected in the work of Dr Tom Williamson (landscape, agriculture and settlement) and Dr Rob Liddiard (castles and high status medieval landscapes).

Global and Imperial History

The School has developed diverse expertise in global and imperial history. Among the specialists are Prof Lyndsey Stonebridge (human rights), Dr David Milne (history of U.S. foreign policy), Dr Camilla Schofield (imperial history and postcolonialism) and Dr Johan Franzen (the modern middle-east).

Local and Regional History

The School welcomes students interested in researching any aspect of the history of East Anglia.