Current research student summaries and key interests Current research student summaries and key interests

Hamad Abdulla

Research project: British Advisory Position in the wake of opposition to British Imperial rule in Bahrain


James Albone
Research project: Roman Roads in the Landscape of Eastern England
Other research interests: English landscape history and archaeology - prehistory to post-medieval; 20th-century British military archaeology; road travel and transport in the long 18th century; historiography of Roman Britain


Mohammed Almutairi

Research project: Britain and the Hashemite kingdoms 1920-1924


Diana Arseneau-Powell

Research project: Perceptions of the 'Condition of England' - 1911 and 2011: From Masterman to Wilkinson and Pickett.


James Barnaby

Research project: A Church for Becket? The Canterbury Dispute and the Canterbury Letters, 1184-1200’

Other research interests: The Medieval Church and the Papacy, the Twelfth Century Renaissance, the Angevin Empire and the Crusades.


Charles Beacroft

Research project: Disabled Russian Children, 1914-1945: Identity, Displacement and Marginalization


Hannah Bentley

Research project: Social changes in growth of Army nursing during First World War.


Wendy Bishop

Research project: Ornamental Water (lakes) in the early modern period


David Boulton

Research project: Differing patterns of Viking migration and settlement in Suffolk: an Analysis of Scandinavian place - names in their landscape context


Tina Bradley

Research project: 


Aleksandra Brokman

Research project: Psychotherapy in the Soviet Union, 1962-85

Other research interests: History of Psychiatry, mental illness, alternative medicine, social and cultural history of the Soviet Union


Sarah Bruce-Lockhart

Research project: Lord Lothian and the Country Houses Scheme


Danny Buck

Research project: Seventeenth Century Norfolk


Julia Chaplin
Research project: The introduction of general limited liability in England, 1855/56

Adrienne Compton

Research project: Prehistoric Landscapes and the Origins of the Open Fields


Samuel Cross

Research project: An Oral History Project on the Social Impact of the Introduction of Television into Norfolk


Richard Daines

Research project: John, Count of Mortain, and Regional Lordship in the 'Angevin Empire'


Caroline Davies

Research project: Emotionalism and violence amongst male elites 1770-1820


Danilo Dondici

Research project: Italian liberalism and the contradictions of penal system: between reform and terror 1887 – 1914


Liam Draycott

Research project: St Edmund's Cult and Community in the Twelfth-Century


Stephen Fletcher

Research project: The Narrative of Movement in Designed Hunting Landscapes: 1350-1700


Samuel Foster

Research project: Representing the South Slavonic peasants in popular British Discourse, 1900-1941


Jamie Freeman

Research project: From Konigsberg to Kaliningrad, 1945 to present


Fiona Gibbons
Research Project: The place of the bombings of Darwin in historical memory

Other research interests: Australian Studies, Australian History, The Second World War in the Pacific, Commemorative History, imperial relations, Australian national identity, the development of the Asia-Pacific region.


Tobi Glanville

Research project: Africans in Tudor England


Thomas Goldsmith |
Research project: The political and diplomatic career of the Duke of Wellington, 1814-1846.
Other research interests: British and European diplomatic history in the 18th and 19th Centuries; political generations and political memory; British political history in the long 19th Century.


Ian Groves

Research project: Factors influencing settlement development in Norfolk


Sarah Hall
Research project: Puritan networks and communities in England and New England, 1600-1650
Other research interests: Atlantic history; Colonial American history; corporate and civic identity; local history; digital humanities and social network analysis


Jacqueline Harmon

Research project: The History of Barnwell Priory, Cambridge


Susan Haynes

Research project: Charles Bridgeman: a reappraisal from a landscape history perspective


Felicity Hill

Research project: Excommunication and Politics in 13th Century England.


Adam Jolly

Research project: Lord Salisbury and Anglo-Russian relations in central Asia (most notably Afghanistan, Persia and India) between 1885 and 1894


Lesley Kant Cunneen
Research project: Public Open Spaces


Ilhan Kilic

Research project: From Munich to the Cold War: Anglo-Turkish Relations


David Lawrenson

Research project: Rise and Fall of Markets in Suffolk


Victoria Lewis

Research project: Providence, Emotion and Self-Writing in England, c.1660 - c.1720


Owen Molloy

Research project Westalgie and the legacies of the Bonn Republic


Steve Nunn
Research project: Landscape History: The impact of Second World War home defence installations on the Norfolk landscape
Other research interests: agricultural history; architecture and literature; social history and cultural relationships in wartime; inter-disciplinary themes of history, ecology and the environment


Olena Palko

Research project: Becoming Soviet: Lost Cultural Alternatives in Ukraine, 1917-1933


Jack Pitt

Research project: The politics, ethics and social implications of hardcore punk in 1980s Slovenia


Johanne Porter

Research project: Religious identity in East Anglia 800-1100


Frances Saddington

Research project: The Soviet Children's Picture Book, 1915-1935


Rachel Savage

Research project: Women's experience of and role in garden making 1770-1870


Michael Schmoelz

Research project: Pilgrimage in Medieval East Anglia


Frederic Shearer

Research project: The Making of Red Vienna: Social Democracy in Opposition 1905 to 1914

Elliot Short

Research project: Building a multi-ethnic army in post-war Bosnia and Hercegovina


Sally Spong

Research project: Isabella of Angoulême:  Queenship and Female Leadership in 13th century England and France


Elizabeth Stewart

Research project: 'The Royaltie of Sight': Virtually Recreating Contemporary Views of Designed Landscapes, c.1550-1660.

Other research interests: English landscape history and archaeology from prehistory to modern history, architecture, garden design, literature, museums, heritage, digital humanities and technology, including GIS, CAD, and virtual reality.


Adam Stone

Research project: Using post - conquest charters to establish a mappable aspect of wastelands in the Medieval/Post Medieval periods located in Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Essex


Michael Thompson

Research project: Repton and the architects


Benjamin Tosland

Research project: Black Gold and the Architecture of Oil


Andrew Whittle

Research project: The History of 15th century English Kingship


Benjamin Wynes

Research project: Creating the 'Yugovlar Myth'