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Willems, N.


Contesting Imperial Geography: Reading Elisée Reclus in 1930s' Hokkaido,

in The Practice of Freedom : Anarchism, Geography and the Spirit of Revolt.

Rowman and Littlefield International

ISBN 9781783486649, 9781783486632

(Chapter (peer-reviewed))


Key Research Interests


Her research focuses on early twentieth century anarchism in a transnational perspective and the history of social movements in rural Japan.


Other research interests include proletarian literature, the history of ethnography and the development of human geography during Japan’s rapid modernization era, with a particular focus on Japan’s encounter with French radical geography.  She is currently preparing a book of annotated translations of 1930s anarchist poetry from Japan’s rural north. 

Administrative Posts

Nadine Willems is an intellectual and cultural historian of modern Japan.  She joined UEA in 2016 after completing graduate and postgraduate studies in Oxford.  She teaches the Humanities Foundation Year and is contributing to the First Year History programme.  She will introduce courses in modern Japanese history for the School of History in 2017-18.  Prior to returning to academia in 2008 she was based in Tokyo where she worked for several years in business and as a foreign correspondent and journalist.