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Short, E.


The Orao Affair: The Key to Military Integration in post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina,

in Journal of Slavic Military Studies



pp. 37-64

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Key Research Interests

Provisional thesis title: Building a Multiethnic Military in post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thesis supervisors: Richard Mills and Cathie Carmichael

Profile: Elliot's main interest is on the relationship between states, militaries, and identity. Whilst his research encompasses a range of cases including Great Britain, Yugoslavia, and Lebanon, the focus of his work is on post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina. In pursuit of his research, he has spent over two years living in Bosnia and the wider region and has learnt the local language. In addition, he has taught Modern European History at a range of levels at UEA. His side interests include military history, the history of space exploration, and the history of robotics.

His first publication is due in the spring of 2018.