Understanding and changing behaviour to promote health Understanding and changing behaviour to promote health

Behaviour change is key to improving population health and health service delivery. Our research aims to i) understand the key influences (e.g., personal and environmental) on behaviour and the initiation and maintenance of behaviour change and ii) develop and evaluate theory and evidence-based interventions to promote behaviour change, primarily physical activity, smoking cessation, medication taking, mental health improvement, and delivery of evidence-based care.

Interested in joining us?

We have a solid track record in building the capacity of, and supporting, aspiring clinicians from non-medical professions. We welcome inquiries from patients and their families, as well as prospective postgraduate students, researchers and healthcare professionals and collaborators.

For more information, contact Felix Naughton and Wendy Hardeman.

Theme members:

Felix Naughton (Theme Lead)

Wendy Hardeman (Theme Lead)

Clare Aldus

Andrew Atkin

Lindsey van Bokhorst 

Emma Brown

Morag Farquhar

Catherine Gooday

Carlota Grossi Sampedro

Sarah Hanson 

Julie Houghton 

Stephanie Howard Wilsher

Andy Jones

Jane McCulloch

Jamie Murdoch

Anna Varley