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Older People and Long Term Conditions

Mark Ashwood
The Hand Nerve Disorders Study - The HaND Study.
Supervisors: Christina Jerosch-Herold and Lee Shepstone.

Ciara Shiggins   
Increasing opportunities for functional communication learning in rehabilitation for people with aphasia after stroke.  
Supervisors: Simon Horton and Valerie Pomeroy.

Julie Pass   
Non-progressive dysarthria following stroke: A case-control study investigating speech characteristics and impacts on intelligibility.   
Primary Supervisor: Jan McAllister.  
Secondary Supervisor: Zoe Butterfint.  
Additional Members of the Supervisory Team: Simon Horton and Phyo Myint.

Marie Mcgee 
Older people's experiences of A+E/Urgent Care.
Supervisors: Bridget Penhale & Susan Campbell.

Tamara Backhouse
The management of Behavioural and Psychological symptoms of Dementia in care homes: an exploratory study.
Supervisors: Bridget Penhale & Ann Killett.

Kathryn Collins   
Enhancing upper limb recovery through the exploration of the corticospinal pathway and reach to grasp early after stroke.  
Supervisors: Valerie Pomeroy and Niamh Kennedy.

Liane Lewis   
Yet another Behaviour Change Intervention: Testing the effects of an active lifestyle intervention based on Self- Determination Theory in people with colorectal adenomas and cancer.    
Supervisor: John Saxton.

Barnabus Shaw
The effects of a pragmatic exercise intervention on bowel health in men and women enrolled on the NHS, Bowel Screening Programme in Norfolk: studies of epigenetic markers in colon epithelial tissue, leukocytes and buccal cells.  
Supervisor: John Saxton.

Kathryn Mares 
Can Functional Strength Training improve movement recovery later after stroke and how would it best be delivered?
Supervisors: Valerie Pomeroy, Jane Cross.

Sarah Hanson 
The role of Walking Groups in improving health behaviours.  
Supervisor: Jane Cross.

Monica Curran 
What interactional factors affect and confront people coming to use and work with assistive technologies, both people using AT themselves and the professionals trying to support them by assessing and providing AT services?  
Supervisor: Jane Cross.

Elisabetta Colucci 
Implementation of dose-finding procedure to stroke rehabilitation research: a new conceptual framework.  
Supervisors: Valerie Pomeroy and Allan Clark.

Matthew Lariviere  
An ethnographic exploration of the experiences of people with dementia and their carers living at home in using assistive technology.  
Supervisors: Fiona Poland and Chris Fox.

Andy Cole 
Understanding the role of the community matron in identifying people in need of supportive and palliative care: a prospective study using mixed methods.
Supervisors: Antony Arthur & Jane Seymour (University of Nottingham).

Julie Skilbeck 
Understanding Frailty in Older Adults Receiving Health and Social Care.  
Supervisors: Jane Seymour (University of Nottingham) & Antony Arthur.

Sue Fleming 
What if I do, But what if I don't: An action research study on restraint use in homes for people with dementia.  
Supervisors: Mike Nolan (University of Sheffield) & Bridget Penhale.

Shirley Lo 
Perceptions of Elder Abuse and Help-Seeking Behaviours Among Community-Dwelling Older Chinese People Living in Hong Kong: a Grounded Theory Study.  
Supervisors: Mike Nolan (University of Sheffield) & Bridget Penhale.

Improving Access to Healthcare

Tom Withers 
Can pedometer feedback improve activity levels following total hip replacement?
Supervisors: Catherine Sackley, Toby Smith and Allan Clark.

Michael Woodward 
The relationship between social capital and social climate of a care environment for older people: A comparative study in two care sectors.  
Supervisors: Antony Arthur and Francine Cheater.

Mentorship of NIHR Fellows and Interns:

Mark Southwood (Val Lattimer)

Naomi Young (Val Lattimer)

Karen Kemp (Val Lattimer)

Community and Family Health

Sirikanok Klankhahjon
Exploring exercise behavior of pregnant women In Thailand.  
Supervisors: Kenda Crozier and Francine Cheater.

Lisa McDaid  
A mixed-methods investigation of repeat teenage pregnancy in the UK.
Supervisors: Jacqueline Collier, Mary Jane Platt, Gillian Schofield and Charlotte Salter.

Steve Smith
Concept mapping of living with Huntington's disease.
Supervisors: Gibson D'Cruz and Katherine Deane.

Georgina Sosa  
Midwifery one-to-one support in labour: ethnographic study of different birth environments.  
Supervisors: Kenda Crozier and Andrea Stockl.

Susan Buell
Participation in healthcare: an investigation into the accessibility value of health-based literature for people with poor literacy skills associated with intellectual disability.
Supervisor: Karen Bunning

Evelyn McElhinney 
Health literacy and health information skills of people who access health information in 3D virtual worlds and the influence on physical life health behaviour.
Supervisors: Lisa Kidd (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Francine Cheater.

Kennedy Nkhoma 
An educational intervention to reduce pain and improve pain management for people living with HIV/AIDS and their family carers in Malawi: a randomised controlled trial.
Supervisors: Antony Arthur & Jane Seymour (University of Nottingham).

Jacqueline Hardy 
HIP cluster RCT of physical health checklist for patients with severe mental illness.
Supervisors: Katherine Deane, Richard Sly & Richard Gray (University of the West of England).