Influencing policy and practice to improve health Influencing policy and practice to improve health

Increases in life expectancy and the number of people living with long term conditions make this an important area of research internationally. 

Through studying interventions relating to the health and social care of older people and developing knowledge about the role of rehabilitation and participation in the lives of those with long term conditions, we aim to influence policy and practice to improve the health and well-being of these groups.

We actively work with service providers and users to develop and test interventions designed to improve the care of older people. 

Supporting independence and improving rehabilitation for people with age-related long term conditions is also a significant area of our research. Our researchers are leading studies looking at a wide range of long term conditions, including stroke and dementia, and the place of rehabilitation in care and recovery.

Current activity is focused within the following areas:

  • Epidemiology of ageing

  • Mental health in late life

  • Improving the relational care of older people

  • Neuro-muskuloskeletal rehabilitation

  • The role of exercise and lifestyle factors

  • Economic impact of disability in older age

  • Clinical trials and evaluating therapy practice

We welcome informal enquiries from prospective PhD candidates who wish to work in one or more of these topics.  

For more information, including who to contact, please see the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Graduate School.