High-impact research for the public, practice and policy High-impact research for the public, practice and policy

World-leading research from the School of Health Sciences has made, and continues to make, an impact on the public, practitioners and policy makers. We work with academics from other universities, the health and social care sector, industry and policy makers to ensure that our research is timely, relevant and that, importantly, it will effect beneficial change. Our strong relationships with user groups and health organisations provide us with real-world input. 

Much of our research is based on solving practical health and social care problems that affect service users, practitioners and policy makers. The influence of our research is wide ranging. At an individual level, it has a direct impact not only on those using the services and treatments informed by our research but also on the health professionals who use our research to improve and inform their clinical practice. More widely, it is applied by health organisations to inform global policies, guidelines and practices.

We provide support to our researchers to help them engage with external parties. Through training, access to expert advice and encouragement to widely disseminate research findings, we provide the health and social care sector with answers to the research questions that really matter to service users, providers and the public.

Explore our project case studies below that are affecting the public, practice and policy in the UK and beyond.

Telephone triage communication



Self-help groups in rural Kenya



A new approach to post-surgery care