Members and research interests Members and research interests

Prof Fiona Poland
Use the power of qualitative research methods, such as ethnography and social network analysis, to understand and foster the partnership work involved in managing health and wellbeing concerns for individuals and communities.

Ms Susan Campbell
Older people and their need for optimum health care and improved quality of life.

Susan Buell
Increasing and developing the participation of adults with intellectual (and communication) disabilities in society.

Dr Karen Bunning
The explication of human interaction with a particular focus on children and adults with intellectual disability.

Dr Katherine Deane
Rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease, the management of chronic conditions in ageing, systematic reviews.

Jo Geere
Access to safe drinking water and the health impact of domestic work in developing countries.

Dr Jenny Gibson
Autism and language disorders and their impact on mental health and social relationships.

Dr Meghana Kamble
Interdisciplinary and spans across psychological and speech sciences, specifically speech processing, the integration of speech perception and production from a neuropsychological and biobehavioural perspective, child and family work, and early intervention.

Dr Jan McAllister
Communication in adults and children.

Dr Richard Sly
Eating disorders, treatment outcomes for anorexia nervosa, quality of life and mental health, nursing interventions in mental health care, motivation to recover.

Dr Gabby Thorpe
Colorectal conditions and care, adjustment to changes in health and well-being, surgical nursing, enhanced recovery and the impact of interprofessional team-working on patient care.