Current research projects Current research projects

Acquired Brain Injury Group's Current Research Projects


  • Clinical Efficacy of FunctionAl STrength TraINing for upper limb motor recovery early after stroke: neural CorrelATEs and prognostic indicators. (FAST INdiCATE)

  • Funding: The Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Program (MRC-funded, NIHR-managed).

  • Key contact: Andrew Walker

  • Weakness of the arm and hand after stoke affects peoples' everyday lives and their capacity for independent living. Some treatments may be beneficial but this largely depends on a patient's ability to participate actively in repetitive practice of everyday (functional) tasks. 


  • A Falls prediction and prevention programme in older Adults with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)  (FALLS)

  • Funding: NIHR's Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) programme

  • Key Contact: Dr Celia Clarke

  • RA is the most common form of Arthritis in the UK.  The aim of this study is to obtain knowledge of the factors which make falls in older adults with RA more likely and to provide detailed guidance on falling prevention in patients with RA.

PhD Programmes

  • Kathryn Collins: Upper limb recovery and neuroplasticity after stroke

  • Elisabetta Colucci: Enhancing clinical practice of motor restorative interventions after stroke and, in particular, issues of training dosage and its optimisation; devising and testing a new trial design and approaches for stroke rehabilitation research

  • Ciara Shiggins: Increasing opportunities for functional communication learning in rehabilitation for people with aphasia post-stroke