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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to find a research question yourself for the MSc?

We ask you to present a research topic/proposal for the application and interview however this may not be the study you end up carrying out. If you are successful in gaining a place on the course then the course lead will meet with you to discuss your ideas for a dissertation and discuss potential options that might be open to you depending on your area of interest and the current studies that are being carried out at the UEA.

Am I able to get involved in studies that are currently underway at UEA?

There may be capacity for you to take part in aspects of studies that are currently being conducted at UEA. This will be discussed with you at the start of the course.

What does the funding cover?

The funding covers salary replacement, on costs and tuition fees. On acceptance onto the course we ask you to provide the name of your manager - we will contact this person to establish how much the UEA will be reimbursing them for your salary. Once we have this figure a letter of agreement is signed between the UEA and your employer. Once you have started the course your employer will invoice the UEA for the agreed amount on a quarterly basis.

Is the course part-time or full-time?

There are both full and part-time places. Full-time means completion of the course over 1 year, part-time refers to a 50:50 arrangement with 50% of the time spent at UEA, in this case the course is completed over 2 years.

Can I study at home?

You are expected to attend UEA for the taught sessions - these are usually held over either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during term time (see timetable). At other times you can choose to study from home or make use of the library and study facilities at UEA

What happens if I don't hand in my dissertation on time?

If you are unable to hand in your dissertation (or other assignments) on time you may apply for an extension. This can be granted for a number of reasons and more details will be available about this if you are successful in gaining access to the course. At the end of the year, or two years, if you have not handed in on time then you may have to return to clinical practice and hand in the work at the agreed upon time. It is however possible to complete the MSc in either the one or two year period depending on which route you have taken.  

Application Process

Do I add the reference list for my proposal to the proposal upload or bring it to the interview (if I am successful)? Also, do the references (not reference list) count in the word count?

References would count in the 500 word count, as the software can only count number of words. One recommendation would be to include three to four representative references at the end, but reference appropriately in the text e.g. (Bloggs et al., 2015).

I am unable to click on the selection ‘Research Themes’ to select the theme that aligns with my research proposal, should I be able to do this?

In terms of research themes – you are not applying under the tab of postgraduate research so do not need to complete this part.

I haven’t got an NMC number as am an OT.

Complete the appropriate professional membership number and then put 000 in the other box.