I am a Research Consultant working within the food, health and education sectors. I have wide experience of executing and directing both biological and social science projects. I also possess certified theoretical and practical expertise in human behaviour and psycho-dynamics.

Career History

2007 – I set up a private research consultancy through which I provide a wide range of services within the public and private sector in the general areas of food and healthcare. Since Aug 2012 I have been employed (3.5 days per week) by the RDS (Research Design Service) at UEA.
1984 – 2006 I worked for 22 years as a senior scientist at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich in various capacities:
Head of Risk and Consumer Sciences 2003-06
Programme Manager within Consumer Science Group 1999-2003
Project Leader within Phytochemistry Group (4 days / week) 1990-1999
Head of Protein Technology Group 1988-1990
Project Leader within the Protein Group 1984-1988
1990-1998 I worked 1 day / week as a counsellor for Relate, Norwich
1983-1984 Post Doctoral Fellow at Oxford University.

Professional Qualifications / Memberships

. PhD Biochemistry, University of Kent at Canterbury 1984
. B.Sc (Hons) 2.1 Applied Biochemistry, Bath University 1980
. Advanced Certificate in French (UK School of Linguists) 1999
. National Certificate in Couple Counselling (Relate National / Goldsmith College, London) 1996
. “101 Introduction” qualification (Institute of Transactional Analysts) 1991

Furthermore, as part of my career development at IFR I attended numerous training
courses on: management skills; statistics; computing updates; presentational skills
and working with the media.

Current Membership of Professional Bodies

. Honorary Lecturer in Allied Health Professions at UEA 2004 -
. Qualitative research expert of IFR Human Research Committee 2004-
. Guest Lecturer in Human Nutrition – Univ. Campus Suffolk 2007 –
. Guest Lecturer in Human Nutrition – Univ. of Lincoln 2009 –
. Social Science Consultant for IFR-Extra 2008-
. Member of UEA Qualitative Research Forum 2007-

During the past 20 years I have been an active member of many professional bodies
and have served on various UK Government and EU committees linked to the food
and health sector.

Research Interests

Research interests cover most of the food and health sectors. Currently, within my RDS role I have special responsibilities for Qualitative research methods and Public Engagement.

Career Summary

I have a broad expertise of research within the food and health sectors. I am currently using this breadth of experience within my role as an RDS advisor.

Academic Background

My academic background was in biochemistry, resulting in a PhD in Enzymology (1984).

I subsequently trained as psychodynamic counsellor with Relate, receiving my national certificate from Goldsmith College in 1996.

All Publications

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Full Text UEA Repository



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Full Text UEA Repository



Key Research Interests

Use of complexity theory within a social context; qualitative methodology.

Selected publications

1. Lane, K., Poland,F., Fleming,S., Lambert,N., MacDonald, H., Potter,J., Raats,
M., Skidmore,P., Vince,C., Wellings,A., and Hooper, L. (2012) Ageing & Society, in
press. Older Women’s Reduced Contact with Food in the CAFE Study: choices,
adaptations and dynamism.

2. Poland,F., Fox, M., Lambert,N., Lambert, R., and Fordham , R. (2012) Health
Education, in press. Lifestyle management and community engagement in scoping a
health cafe”

3. Kenten, C.; Bowling, A.; Lambert, N. Howe, A. and Rowe, G. (2010) Health
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4. Scarpello, T., Poland, F., Lambert, N. and Wakeman, T. (2009) J.Human Nutr. &
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village shop customers.

5. Lambert, N., Plumb, J., Looise, B., Johnson, I., Harvey, I., Wheeler, C. Robinson,
M. and Rolfe, P. (2005) J. Human Nutr. & Dietetics. 18, 271-279. Using smart card
technology to monitor the eating habits of children in a school cafeteria: 3. The
nutritional significance of beverage and dessert choices.

Teaching Interests

I provide a lecturing service aimed at undergraduates and beyond as part of my consultancy in the area of food and health.

External Activities and Indicators of Esteem

  • As a Research Consultant, I provide a wide range of services within the public and private sector in the general areas of food and healthcare. I have also produced a board game (2012) which I now market and sell around the world.

Key Responsibilities

As an RDS advisor I am currently responsible for providing clinicians, health professionals and academics with advise on submitting research proposals, chiefly to NIHR funding streams. Within the UEA RDS team I have special responsibilities on issues relating to qualitative research and public / patient Involvement.