Forum 5 October - 30 October Forum 5 October - 30 October

Edith Cavell: Nursing Now - Cavell's Legacy

This exhibition, a joint venture between the Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities and The School of Health Sciences, along with the Forum Trust ran from the 5 October to the 30 October in Fusion at the Forum. It looked at the legacy of Edith Cavell in the 100th year since her death. 

Edith Cavell is most widely remembered for having been executed by the German Army in occupied Belgium in 1915, having helped wounded Allied soldiers return to the British lines. This exhibition asked if this was the best way to remember Cavell in 2015?

It suggests that Cavell might be better remembered as one of many nurses who have worked to radically change the nature of nursing over the last century. In doing so it looks at the role of the nurse at the turn of the twentieth century and contrasts this with the highly professional nurses of 2015.

Combining film, exhibits and displays ‘Edith Cavell: Nursing Now - Cavell's Legacy’ examined nursing during Cavell's life and the propaganda campaign after her death, as well as military nursing in World War One. It then moved on to look at nursing in our contemporary world, looking at the careers of nurses in the East Anglian region, the research being pioneered by nurses in the care of patients and the role of the nurse in modern war and other emergencies