Innovation potential Innovation potential

Innovation in our teaching and research is about building the value of our teaching and research in rehabilitation and participation to increase its potential for innovation through commercial partnerships, commissions, consultancies, post-graduate training, short courses and policy advice.

We aim to create value and social capital regionally, nationally and across knowledge networks in areas such as stroke and musculo-skeletal rehabilitation, speech and communication, assistive technologies, older peoples' services in the community, in care homes and in hospital.

We work with the NHS and social care organisations, medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare and health education providers (both UK and internationally), health software developers, training bodies, policy makers and government to improve and refine work processes and life activities and participation through evidence-building and sharing our expertise.

We can help familiarise you with the latest evidence in health, rehabilitation and participation relevant to planning new services, evaluating service changes and assistive technologies. We have a number of research leaders in these fields. We are also able to draw on and access knowledge networks across the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the wider University.

Examples of innovation activities to date are:

  • Carrying out service evaluations (including economic cost-effectiveness) for a wide range of private and public sector clients such as local authority Healthy Living initiatives 

  • Providing audits of workforce skills competencies in working with people with dementia

  • Carrying out clinical trials and case studies in areas ranging from respectful elder care to managing chronic respiratory disease

  • Evaluating the use of assistive technologies in community and care home settings to improve participation, communication and access to services

  • Evaluating the use of lycra clothing to improve mobility in people with neuro-musculoskeletal conditions

  • Consultancies to increase the effectiveness or profitability of businesses and organisations by improving the wellbeing, lifestyle and musculoskeletal health of their employees.

We offer access to Government sponsored programmes, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. 

If you would like to discuss ideas for innovation in these areas, please contact Julia Hubbard, Director of Innovation (+44 (0)1603 597064 or