Lead Contacts

Professor Caitlin Notley 

Professor of Addicition Sciences

Norwich Medical School

University of East Anglia


Dr Felix Naughton

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

School of Health Sciences

University of East Anglia


In rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to understand changes in health behaviours and wellbeing as a result of the sweeping changes to healthcare and restrictions on daily living that have happened in a very short space of time.

Pooling the research interests and experience across UEA, collaborating across the UEA Addiction Research Group, UEAHSCP’s Behavioural and Implementation Science group, and Norfolk Institute of Health Ageing, the covid-19 health behaviour and wellbeing daily tracker study focuses on changes to healthy lifestyle behaviours, as a result of COVID-19, that may fundamentally impact long term health outcomes.  

UEAHSCP is supporting a vital study identifying secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic: the C-19 health behaviour and wellbeing daily tracker study. 

The UK intensive longitudinal study was set up in April 2020 in rapid response to lifestyle changes due to COVID-19, to understand the secondary impacts of COVID-19 on health behaviours and mental health/wellbeing. A sample of over 1,000 participants contributed daily reports on smoking, drinking, substance use, diet, exercise and wellbeing.

The study has now completed 3 months of daily tracking, with long term follow up planned at 6 and 12 months. The collaborative study is jointly led by UEAHSCP researchers Professor Caitlin Notley and Dr Felix Naughton who are working alongside researchers across HSC, MED, Leicester Medical School and Public Health England. 

Please visit the group’s main website for further information.