Dr Thomas Karshan is part of the editorial board of Beyond Criticism, a website and associated book series (which was previously published by Bloomsbury that is now moving over to Boiler House Press as BC Editions). Taking advantage of new opportunities offered by digital technology and new insights from contemporary creative practice that take us from abstract theory back to literature itself, Beyond Criticism explores radical new forms that literary criticism might take in the 21st century.

Critical Reinventions, a symposium organised by Dr Stephen Benson, was held at UEA on 12th May 2018. The event attracted literary critics and theorists, poets, novelists, artists and art writers. Subjects for discussion ranged from bad translation to ekphrasis, and from Anne Carson and Ann Quin to Hélène Cixous. The day closed with a roundtable comprising Kate Briggs, Daniella Cascella and Sarah Jackson.