Developing a Core Outcome Set for Hospital Deprescribing Trials 

We are delighted to announce that we have reached the target number of hospital sites to participate in work package 1.

Huge thanks to all involved from the following hospital sites

  • University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

  • Northumbria Healthcare NHSFT

  • Salford Royal NHSFT

  • Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHSFT

  • Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital NHSFT

  • Cambridge University Hospital

  • Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHSFT

  • University Hospital Southampton NHSFT

  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHSFT

  • Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHSFT

  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Liverpool University Hospitals NHSFT

  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Fairfield General Hospital, Pennine Acute NHS Hospitals NHS Trust, part of Northern Care Alliance

  • Harrogate & District NHSFT


In order to determine if our CHARMER intervention is effective, we will aim to develop a set of core outcomes (effects). This will determine what outcomes are the most important for us to measure, to test whether the CHARMER intervention is safe and effective. For example, one outcome to consider might be the number of hospital readmissions after deprescribing. This process we will use to ask our stakeholders about the important outcomes is called a  ‘Delphi study’.

We will ask participants in this study to look at a list of outcomes collated from previous research studies and the expertise of the CHARMER research team. This list will be refined by participants to ensure the selected outcomes are the most pertinent effects to measure.

The finalised selection of outcomes will become part of the core outcome set. We will collect data on these outcomes in Work Package 3 (feasibility study) and Work Package 4 (definitive trial) to test the CHARMER intervention. The core outcome set will also provide an agreed standardised set of outcomes that should be measured and reported in all subsequent hospital deprescribing trials.

Patient Information Sheet

The core outcome set for WP1 is now registered with COMET

Public and patient involvement

Patient and public involvement members will advise on the design and content of materials for practitioner participants and work collaboratively with work package leads to develop the patient/carer study materials. They will also support preparation with research assistants to undertake telephone interviews with stakeholders and will be integral members of the research team when analysing results from the Delphi study.

Work package leads

research fellow

If you have any questions about Work Package 1, please contact Dr Jackie Martin.