Welcome to UEA’s dedicated space for sharing our engagement and activity with our European colleagues across the Aurora partnership.

We’re a proud founding member of the Aurora European Universities Network since its 2016 inception and, as one of the nine universities collectively submitting the successful bid to the European Commission, we are working to develop European graduate students who are willing and able to tackle the most challenging issues that society faces.

UEA is leading the largest element of the Aurora Alliance: Learning for Societal Impact, involving student champions, ensuring mobility opportunities and leading on inclusive internationalisation…” said Prof Frances Bowen, PVC SSF and UEA-Aurora Alliance Academic Lead. “Despite the disappointing news that the UK will not participate in Erasmus+, we will still receive the grant funding awarded for our Aurora Alliance. Aurora has also been successful in securing an additional €2m from a Horizon 2020 call to share best practices on research support across our European University Network.”

Happy Birthday Aurora who is now a bouncing 5-year old.  Although the Aurora club spreads wider than the Alliance, it is the Alliance which occupies much of our time at the moment with a first physical meeting for months planned in Tarragona in November.  Do check out their website at https://aurora-network.global and see if there are activities that interest you.

UEA’s Institutional Coordinator, Prof Richard Harvey, is keen to hear from you and share your ideas and initiatives across the Aurora partnership with the other ten Institutional Coordinators, and do please take the opportunity to connect directly yourselves. This partnership thrives on us sharing and discussing best practice and new ways to collaborate. We hope these pages help you to take the steps to continue to do so.


UEA Aurora Key Contacts


For information on who to contact at UEA on all things Aurora. Please contact: aurora@uea.ac.uk

UEA Aurora Partnerships


Who are our Aurora partners? Visit Aurora Universities Partnership for the full list of members.

UEA Aurora News


Visit the Aurora Central News Channel to find out all the latest developments from the universities network. 

Short Courses


Short courses offer the opportunity to complete a programme at a partner university abroad within a two to eight week period, during an academic break (winter, Easter or summer) with funding options depending on the destination and duration. Below you will find short courses offered by our Aurora partner universities and our wider selection of short courses approved by UEA.

Outbound Study Abroad


Find our full list of where UEA students can study abroad. Our Aurora universities partners can be found in the Europe section.

Inbound Study Abroad


Our Inbound study abroad programme welcomes visiting students from our Aurora universities partners to study abroad at UEA

They will experience a vibrant campus community, a fine city and UEA for themselves, for a single semester or an entire year. They'll have a chance to immerse themselves in life on campus, explore medieval Norwich and find their spark with plenty of exciting modules to choose from.

Aurora Student Champions and Ambassador Scheme


The Aurora Student Champions Scheme provides students from Network and Alliance institutions to reach out to the student body and offer a voluntary position to several students that can serve as channels for Aurora Student work and for the Alliance projects. Visit Aurora Student Champions Scheme for more information on how to get involved.