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Our research

Our research covers a range on environmental issues, and many of our projects address interconnected environmental themes. 

Our biodiversity conservation research focuses on the trade-offs and dynamics between conservation and development objectives and analyses the different notions of justice at stake.

Our climate change research focuses on the urban, non-state and transnational politics of climate change and climate justice, seeking to unpack the politics of climate change governance with a focus on multiple scales and actors.

Our disaster risk research analyses how vulnerability to hazards and recovery following major disasters intersect with issues of justice, examining the way in which extreme events pose new (and old) challenges in terms of justice and wellbeing for the poor majority.

Our forest research studies existing injustices in contemporary forest management, by paying particular attention to issues of access, property, and governance. It examines the linkages between social justice, inclusive livelihoods and forest conditions, particularly its global dimensions.

Our water research takes a critical perspective of international transboundary environmental cooperation and conflict and who has power over water, paying particular attention to the role that power plays in shaping the outcomes, perceptions, and analysis of water conflicts.