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University of East Anglia Global Environmental Justice Group

Members of the Global Environmental Justice Group

Affiliate Members of the Global Environmental Justice Group

  • Brendan Coolsaet

    Assistant Professor in Environment & Development

    Location: European School of Political and Social Sciences (ESPOL) in Lille, France
  • Nicole Gross-Camp

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Location: Department of Environmental Science at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Shalini Sharma

    Fulbright Fellow

    Location: Princeton University, New Jersey (USA)
  • Rodd Myers

    Environmental Social Scientist

    Location: Dala Institute for Environment and Society, Indonesia
  • Poshendra Satyal

    Global Forest Policy Coordinator

    Location: BirdLife International, Cambridge, UK
  • Anni Valkonen


    Location: Independent Researcher, France