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Postgraduate Research in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Today, our Faculty has over 200 postgraduate students registered across all the research degrees. Our postgraduate community is thriving - working with world experts in challenging health and biomedical research that delivers our shared vision: to enhance the health, quality of life, and the experience of care of people and the populations in which they live.

We have over 140 live research projects. Well over two thirds of our research is recognised to be of international standing; well over a third is judged to be world-leading.

Last year we received more than £25m in funding from organisation such as the UK Research Council, The European Commission and the World Health Organisation. We continue to build our portfolio of work. We continue to recruit more experts – 12 more senior clinical academics alone over the next three years.

Our Faculty is not just a stimulating research environment that includes practitioners and academics right across health and biomedical professions; as a postgraduate, you will find that it’s right at the forefront of biomedical and health research. We are proud of our world class research. And we’re proud of our teams that deliver it – the experts and supervisors and our postgraduates.

We offer a range of postgraduate research programmes which will enable you to follow your research interests to a high academic standard.  If you are an ambitious and innovative student, we have world class supervisors who are interested in hearing from you.

Our vision, our track record, our academics and our ambition combine to attract leading experts to join us in our work. Over the next three years, we are appointing a number of new clinical academics in a joint venture with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

The Faculty supports a range of thematic research programmes:

Biomedical sciences - Our major research interest focuses on understanding how pathogens exploit cells to cause and spread disease with a particular interest in gut microbes.

Clinical sciences:
 research areas:

  • Cardiovascular research;
  • Gastroenterology, microbiology and the development of new antibiotics;
  • Healthy ageing;
  • Metabolic bone disease and rheumatology;
  • Nutritional research with particular emphasis on cachexia and muscle loss;
  • Respiratory diseases.

Health economics: Our key research interests are in:

  • Benefit valuation and individual decision making;
  • The political economy of health and care, including public health economics;
  • Resource measurement and cost valuation.

Nutrition: Our key research interests are in:

  • Micronutrient requirements for optimal health;
  • Bioactivity of phytochemical metabolites.

Psychological sciences and mental health: Key areas of work include:

  • Adult mental health, including psychosis, anxiety and depression;
  • Child and adolescent mental health;
  • Crisis services to prevent admission to hospital;
  • Vulnerable groups including those with acquired brain injury, learning disabilities and cognitive problems;
  • Chronic physical health and wellbeing;
  • Early intervention and prevention in youth mental health;
  • Improving the physical health and people with severe mental illness;
  • Improving patient experience of psychiatric care.

Public health and health services research: Key research interests include:

  • The effectiveness of health technologies and screening;
  • Health promotion;
  • Interfaces between primary and secondary care  and between health and social care;
  • Medical ethics;
  • The organisation and delivery of care;
  • Patients’ experience of illness and health care;
  • Patient-professional and inter-professional communication.

Rehabilitation: Our key research interests are in:

  • Stroke and Rehabilitation;
  • Interventions for healthy ageing;
  • Musculoskeletal health;
  • Physical activity for health.