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FLY would like to thank its 2018 funders, sponsors, partners and supporters, without whom there would be no Festival.

Funders and Sponsors




Gold Partners


Partners and Supporters


Media Partners


And a huge thanks to all our 2018 authors and workshop leaders, and to:

  • Kate Birch
  • Marilyn Brocklehurst
  • Scott Brown
  • Debbie Chaffey
  • Dominic Christian
  • Clare Connors
  • Andrew Cowan (Founding Friend)
  • David Ellis
  • Lucy Farrant
  • Alexander Gordon Smith
  • Caroline Jarrold
  • Matt Legon
  • Justine Mann
  • Apryl Markham-Uden
  • Nola Merckel (Founding Friend)
  • Mary Muir
  • Karen Schaller
  • Sophie Scott-Brown
  • Donna Shaw (Founding Friend)
  • Georgette Ward
  • And everyone at Farrows