We research the circuit of media activity, from production to reception We research the circuit of media activity, from production to reception

Our focus on the circuit of popular media activity allows us to investigate how films, television programmes and other media products emerge and operate, alongside more traditional explorations of their textual characteristics. We consider all media texts as dynamic cultural objects that are activated and transformed by social, historical and technological factors.

Fuelled by a diverse range of methodologies, including textual, archival and ethnographic analysis, our research includes world-leading work around media history, popular music, genre, national media, production contexts, media industries, promotion and reception, and audiences.

With a broad range of research projects, our primary research themes are:

British Film and Television Studies: This research theme includes work on British television comedy, British 3Dfilm and television production, female workers in the British film industry, British directors, and horror and early British television.

Feminist Media Studies Our research staff have been involved in projects looking at the impact of aging on female celebrity, media, depictions of female soldiers, representations of family in children's television and female workers in the British television industry.

Media and Cultural Consumption Examining audiences, exhibition and reception, including a focus on local cinema-going and historical reception, community media activity, as well as cross-border and cross media assumptions between Britain and Japan.

The impact of our research can be seen in a number of areas: work with Studio Canal UK led directly to increased sales revenue; our researchers' collaboration with the East Anglian Film Archive has significantly expanded the size and reach of its collection. In another local project, our researchers worked with a local media festival to add the ‘vision' element to Norfolk Sound + Vision festival, helping in turn to increase the audience size.

British Film and TV Studies



Feminist Media Studies



Media and Cultural Consumption