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Event Details


Online event: What are the opportunities and challenges of inclusive involvement in qualitative research?



Thursday 3 September 2020, 1pm


Online event - registration details TBC

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Thursday 3 September, 1pm

Inclusive involvement in qualitative research methods

'What are the opportunities and challenges of inclusive involvement in qualitative research?'

Online event - registration TBC

Registration details, timings, updated agenda and more detail will be available shortly.

Addressing inclusion can be powerfully transformative in building and connecting new knowledge, relations and experiences between individuals, groups and societies. This symposium focuses on inclusively involving in and through qualitative research methods.

Inclusive research confirms the value of researching 'with' and not 'on' people’s lives, so that how it works and what it produces can be mutually-agreed, to break down divisions between research participants and makers. This recognises that all of us may be doing research in our everyday lives. It can help us recognise and redress power imbalances linked for instance to class, race and disability.

Building inclusive research is therefore co-constructed through negotiation between different kinds of users, and is now more widely required in research practices. This goes beyond 'implementing' to also make research collaboration (or lack of it) transparent to everyone involved. Qualitative research has an important part to play here in going beyond administering standardised measures to a population to actively and responsibly negotiate the research boundaries and research roles as we go along. Rather than asking questions and getting answers, we negotiate both questions and ways of answering those questions. In turn, we aim to facilitate collective learning rather than to centralise the dissemination of learning by researchers. This means that "doing research inclusively is gradually transforming through collective practical wisdom and praxis" (Nind 2017).

Drawing on interdisciplinary discussions and insights, this year’s symposium will explore the dimensions and implications of this practical wisdom in bringing together the insights and experiences of the speakers and all those taking part.

For more information and for registration details as they become available, please visit the Health Sciences webpage.