The UEA SEM laboratory The UEA SEM laboratory

This SEM can provide topographic contrast (SEI) and chemical contrast (BSEI) pictures with good resolution (depending on sample) up to 80k magnification. Low vacuum observation for uncoated samples is possible but resolution will deteriorate. The analytical chamber allows samples of various sizes only limited by a maximum gun-stage distance of 42mm.

Oxford INCA Energy-Wave System

This system, Wavelength Dispersive X-ray and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometries (WDS and EDS, respectively) can be used to identify and measure the elements present in the sample. Concentrations for elements lighter than carbon are calculated not measured.

Quorum Technologies Carbon Coater CC7650 and Gold Coater CC7640

Coating the samples is needed, unless they are conductive or the Low Vacuum option is used. A thin film (about a few tens of nanometres) of gold or carbon should be evaporated using sputter coaters. Gold coating will be used when imaging is required and will provide a good resolution. Carbon coating will be used when EDS-WDS analysis is required, as interference from carbon is limited.

Both coaters are using high purity targets: an integrated Au target for the CC7640 and carbon fibre (woven cord) for the CC7650.