SSEVREL researchers SSEVREL researchers

SSEVREL brings together faculty, researchers and students from research groups within the schools of Environmental Sciences and Economics.


Prof Ian J Bateman (ENV, CSERGE)

Dr Peter Brooks (ENV, CSERGE)

Dr Brett Day (ENV, CSERGE)

Prof Shaun Hargreaves-Heap

Dr Andy Jones (ENV)

Prof Graham Loomes 

Dr Andrew Lovett (ENV)

Prof Robert Sugden 

Prof Daniel Zizzo

Research Officer

Dr Katy Appleton (ENV)


Dr Trudie Dockerty (ENV)

Dr Simon Jude (ENV, Tyndall)

Ms Gilla Sünnenberg (ENV)

PhD Students

Mr Andrea Isoni (ECO)

Stefania Sitzia (ECO)

James Watson (ECO)