Our faculty share their research interests Our faculty share their research interests

Jan AlexanderJan Alexander
Professor of Environmental Earth Science

Clastic sedimentology, sedimentary bedforms, sediment transport and deposition in high magnitude floods, submarine gravity currents, tectonic and climatic controls on sediment distribution. Geological record of environmental change.


Julian AndrewsJulian Andrews
Professor of Environmental Sciences

Geochemistry and diagenesis of sedimentary rocks, stable isotope geochemistry.




Jenni BarclayJenni Barclay
Professor of Volcanology

Volcanology, particularly volcanic degassing behaviour and experimental petrology applied to understanding magmatic evolution and eruption, physical processes in high viscosity magmas. Volcanic risk reduction.


Georgina BennettGeorgina Bennett
Lecturer in the Physical Geography of Natural Hazards

Geomorphologist using a combination of remote sensing, fieldwork, geospatial analysis and numerical modeling to investigate landscape evolution, sediment transfer and natural hazards, predominantly in mountainous regions.


Paul Burton
Emeritus Reader

Earthquake seismology and seismic risk, surface waves and seismic properties in the crust and lithosphere.



Mark ChapmanMark Chapman

Quaternary palaeoclimatology, micropalaeontology, stable isotope geochemistry, palaeoceanography.



Paul DennisPaul Dennis
Professorial Research Fellow and Head of Stable Isotope Laboratory

Stable Isotope Geochemistry; in-situ cosmogenic isotope chemistry; noble gas chemistry; terrestrial and marine palaeoclimate analysis, Landscape evolution; hydrology and hydrogeology; isotopic oceanography; atmospheric chemistry; stable isotope instrumentation and techniques.

Dr Helen He PhotoHelen He
Lecturer in Hydrology and Climate Change Research

Hydrosystems modelling including stochastic hydrology, hydro-meteorology, hydro-climatology, Prediction in ungauged catchments, Extreme value statistics, and Fuzzy modelling. 



Ricky HerdRicky Herd
Senior Lecturer in Geophysical Earth Observation

Growth, emplacement and collapse of lava flows and domes; magma degassing and explosive volcanism; monitoring of active volcanoes. 



Kevin HiscockKevin Hiscock
Professor of Environmental Sciences and Head of School

Hydrogeology, natural groundwater chemistry and groundwater contamination. Climate change impacts on water resources, catchment science.



Dr Jessica JohnsonJessica Johnson
Lecturer in Geophysics

Volcano geophysics, particularly seismic anisotropy around volcanoes and the effect fluid migration has on the elastic properties of the rock. Volcanic seismicity and deformation. Numerical modelling.



Nikolai PedentchoukNikolai Pedentchouk
Senior Lecturer

Development of compound-specific isotopic proxies for palaeohydrological and palaeoclimatic studies using modern terrestrial vegetation; climate change during the Quaternary, Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum, and Eocene/Oligocene transition; experimental investigation of hydrogen isotopic exchange between organic compounds and H2O.


Brian ReidBrian Reid

Contamination; pollution; soil; (bio)availability; ecotoxicology; soil-contaminant-microbe interactions; POPs; PAHs; hydrocarbons; agrochemicals; pharmaceuticals.



Trevor TolhurstTrevor Tolhurst
Senior Lecturer in Coastal Physical Processes

Coastal physical processes, complex physical, biological and chemical interactions that drive sedimentary (and ecological) properties and processes.



Jenni TurnerJenni Turner
Senior Lecturer in Earth Science

Tectonics; sedimentology; Quaternary palaeoclimate