I am a PhD student focusing on the physical oceanography, particularly in the field of air-sea interaction. I am interested in understanding the role played by the ocean in the global climate system. Currently, I am investigating how the ocean, especially the upper ocean properties, responds to the atmoshperic forcings resulting from the random, transient weather systems. Meanwhile, I am a big sports fan. I coach and play for the Norfolk Chinese Community Associate (NCCA) club, a Chinese basketball team registered at British Basketball League.

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Zhou, S., Zhai, X., Renfrew, I.


The Impact of High-Frequency Weather Systems on SST and Surface Mixed Layer in the Central Arabian Sea,

in Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans



pp. 1091-1104

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Yu, X., Pan, W., Zheng, X., Zhou, S., Tao, X.


Effects of wave-current interaction on storm surge in the Taiwan Strait: Insights from Typhoon Morakot,

in Continental Shelf Research


pp. 47-57

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