I studied for an undergraduate masters degree in Environmental Science at the University of Leeds 2009-2013. I developed a strong interest in atmospheric science during this time and completed my undergraduate dissertation with Prof. Doug Parker examining the mesoscale structure of a cold front as it crossed the UK. I achieved a first class honours degree and was awarded the David Kay dissertation prize for Earth Scientists.

Following my dissertation project I developed a strong interest in meteorological research and applied for PhD studentships. I am now working with Prof. Ian Renfrew studying the weather and climate of Pine Island Glacier and the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica. In January 2014 I will be part of the iStar research cruise to the region where I will launch a set of 40 radiosondes, this data will be used to evaluate meteorological reanalysis products in this data sparse area. For more details of the iStar project please see the website

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Jones, R., Renfrew, I., Orr, A., Webber, B., Holland, D., Lazzara, M.


Evaluation of four global reanalysis products using in-situ observations in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica,

in Journal of Geophysical Research



pp. 6240–6257

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