I have been based in the School of Environmental Sciences at the UEA for more than 40 years, researching and teaching many aspects of environmental chemistry. In particular my research has focused on the biogeochemical interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere, specialising in the processes of air-sea gas exchange, the mechanisms of trace gas formation in the oceans, and their reactivity and role in the atmosphere. My research is an integral part of the School’s Laboratory for Global Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry (LGMAC). I have received the Challenger Society Medal, the Plymouth Marine Sciences Medal, and the John Jeyes Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I served for 5 years on the Natural Environment Research Council, was Chair of the Scientific Committee of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, and Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee for the international SOLAS Project and am currently a member of Defra's Science Advisory Council. I chair MEDIN (Marine Environmental and Data Information Network), the MASTS (Marine Alliance for Science and Technology in Scotland) Advisory Board and the National Oceanography Centre's Association Board and am a member of its Science Advisory Council.

Key Research Interests

Environmental chemistry; biogeochemical interaction between the oceans and atmosphere; global change.

Significant Publications

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