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Deb, P., Dash, M. K., Pandey, P. C.


Barrier layer characteristics of the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean during austral summer and autumn,

in Polar Science

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Professional Activities

After finishing my PhD on the observations and modelling of Antarctic sea ice from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, I moved to Cambridge, UK for a post doctoral position at the British Antarctic Survey in 2014. While in Cambridge, I carried out extensive study of the past and future climate of West Antarctica using regional climate model, observations and reanalysis data. Our study provided fresh insight into atmospheric drivers of West Antarctic ice shelf melting as well as the surface mass balance of West Antarctic ice sheet and resulted in multiple high impact publications. I was also involved with other interesting studies, e.g, temperature trends over Antarctic Peninsula and unprecedented springtime retreat of Antarctic sea ice in 2016. I have also taken part in a study of cloud microphysics schemes over the Himalayan glaciers.

I started as Senior Research Associate (Climate Dynamics) at Climatic Research Unit, UEA in October, 2017. My current research involves the quantification of the effects of tropical precipitation errors/biases in GCMs on physical drivers of tropical and subtropical climate and to provide a critical assessment of multi-model projections. My study involves the use of a range of models from state-of-the-art global models to Intermediate complexity models (e.g., IGCM).


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