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Lake, I., Jones, N., Agnew, M., Goodess, C., Giorgi, F., Hamaoui-Laguel, L., Semenov, M., Solomin, F., Storkey, J., Vautard, R., Epstein, M.


Climate Change and Future Pollen Allergy in Europe,

in Environmental Health Perspectives


pp. 385–391

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Agnew, M., Goodess, C., Jones, P., Osborn, T.


The science of climate change - implications for risk management,

in Coping with Climate Change: Risk and Opportunities for Insurers.

Chartered Insurance Institute

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Fletcher, A., Bentham, G., Agnew, M., Young, I., Augood, C., Chakravarthy, U., De Jong, P., Rahu, M., Seland, J., Soubrane, G., Tomazzoli, L., Topouzis, F., Vingerling, J., Vioque, J.


Sunlight exposure, antioxidants, and age-related macular degeneration,

in Archives of Ophthalmology



pp. 1396-1403

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Agnew, M., Palutikof, J.


Impacts of short-term climate variability in the UK on demand for domestic and international tourism,

in Climate Research



pp. 109-120

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Subak, S., Palutikof, J., Agnew, M., Watson, S., Bentham, C., Cannell, M., Hulme, M., McNally, S., Thornes, J., Waughray, D., Woods, J.


The impact of the anomalous weather of 1995 on the UK economy,

in Climatic Change


pp. 1-26

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