NERC ENVEast PhD student: ‘Winners and losers in a more acidified ocean: impact on physiology and life history of two pteropod species’

Supervisory team: Clara Manno (BAS), Dorothee Bakker (UEA), Geraint Tarling (BAS) and Victoria Peck (BAS)

Affiliations: British Antarctic Survey & University of East Anglia

Despite its isolation from the human world, Antarctica is experiencing rapid environmental change as a result of fossil fuel emissions. The impact of these changes remains relatively unknown, especially for pteropods. Pteropods are planktonic gastropods that swim through the surface ocean using wing-like structures. Their thin shells, made of aragonite, make them extremely sensitive to ocean acidification and they could perhaps be thought of as ‘canaries of the coal mine’ for detecting oceanic change. They are also vital to the Antarctic food web and are significant contributors to carbon export. I aim to carry out a comparative analysis of Antarctic pteropod distribution, life cycle and perhaps even existence within a high CO2 world. I will take part on several expeditions to the Southern Ocean to capture these fragile sea snails and examine their sensitivity to oceanic conditions predicted in 100 years. In addition, I will compare modern day pteropods to historic plankton net samples, including those collected in the 1930s by the RSS Discovery.


- Jul. 2015 Climate research: ‘Big Data Day’, (Tyndall centre/University of East Anglia, Attended)

- Jul. 2015 CEFAS MKEN ‘Marine evidence conference’ (University of East Anglia, Attended)

- Jun. 2015 ‘The survival of pteropod larvae in a changing world’ International pteropod workshop, (British Antarctic survey, poster)

- Jun. 2015 ‘Ocean Acidification: What’s it all about’ (The Royal Society, Attended)

- Mar. 2015 ‘Sea butterflies’ EnvExpo, University of East Anglia (University of East Anglia, Infographic poster)

- Mar. 2015 ‘MSL AGM and Planktic Gastropod Meeting’ (Natural History Museum, Attended)

- Mar. 2014 ‘Microhabitat use of Soprano pipstrelles’ Annual Norfolk Barbastelle study group meeting (Invited speaker)


- Introduction to Metabolomics for Environmental Scientists (NERC advanced training course, University of Birmingham)

- Freshwater bio-assessment and its application in catchment management (NERC advanced training course, University of Stirling)

- Advanced environmental data analysis using GIS (NERC advanced training course, University of Newcastle)

- Infographics and Science communication  (University of East Anglia/MADE)

- Introduction to Multivariate Statistics (NERC advanced training course, University of Oxford)

- An introduction to R (University of Kent)

- Public engagement training (NERC advanced training course, Stirling)

- Spatial analysis of ecological data using R (PR Statistics, University of Glasgow)

- Seagliders and Ocean Acoustics (University of East Anglia)

- THINKBig innovation training (Hethal, British Antarctic Survey)

- Wildlife film making for conservation filming (Thetford, Wildeye)

- Bioimaging (University of East Anglia)

- EnvEast Summer School (University of East Anglia)

- EnvEast Summer Workshop (Flatford Mill, University of East Anglia)

- Health and Safety in Science (University of East Anglia)

- Fire and Safety Training (British Antarctic Survey)

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