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Sergeev, D. E., Renfrew, I. A., Spengler, T., Dorling, S. R.


Structure of a shear-line polar low,

in Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society



pp. 12–26

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Spengler, T., Renfrew, I. A., Terpstra, A., Tjernström, M., Screen, J., Brooks, I. M., Carleton, A., Chechin, D., Chen, L., Doyle, J., Esau, I., Hezel, P. J., Jung, T., Kohyama, T., Lüpkes, C., Mccusker, K. E., Nygård, T., Sergeev, D., Shupe, M. D., Sodemann, H., Vihma, T.


High-Latitude Dynamics of Atmosphere–Ice–Ocean Interactions,

in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society


pp. ES179-ES182

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