Seminar Dates and Times Seminar Dates and Times

 Seminars run on Wednesdays unless otherwise stated.

Date  Room  Speaker Title

17 Jan, 1 pm *

SCI 01.38

Rosalind Bark (UEA ENV)

Water Chasing: the Colorado River Restoration Pulse Flow

31 Jan, 4 pm

Zicer 0.02 Jos Smith (UEA LDC) Vibrant Localism: The Lure of Common Ground
7 Feb, 4 pm * Zicer 0.02 Ece Ozdemiroglu (eftec)  Working Beyond Frontiers: Being Transdisciplinary in a Changing Climate
21 Feb, 4 pm Queens 0.08 Mike Hulme (Cambridge) What Sort of Challenge is Climate Change? An ENV50 seminar
Fifty Years of Editorialising in Nature and Science
7 Mar, 4 pm Queens 0.08 Cancelled  
14 Mar, 4 pm Queens 0.08 PhD showcase with David Litchfield, Charlotte Monteil & Jacqueline Zavala At-Risk Communities & Natural Hazard Adaptation
25 Apr, 4 pm Zicer 0.02 Andy Jordan, Irene Lorenzoni & Jason Chilvers Research Impact: Nurturing, Evidencing, Reflecting
2 May, 3.30 pm Zicer 0.01 David Matless (Nottingham) Next the Sea: Eccles and the Anthroposcenic
23 May, 1 pm * SCI 01.38 Dr Jan-Christoph Rogge (Sussex) Imaginaries and framings around electric vehicles in Germany and the UK
30 May, 4 pm * Zicer 0.01 Pierre Bocquillon (UEA PPL) & Brendan Moore (ENV) EU Climate and Energy Policy:
The Challenges of Ramping-up Ambition
13 June, 3.30 pm * Zicer 0.01 Benjamin Sovacool (Sussex)  Accelerating Energy and Low-Carbon Transitions


*  Seminar co-hosted with the Tyndall Centre