The equipment available includes:

  • 8 RefTek Digital Acquisition Systems, each with a 540 MB internal disk and dedicated external GPS system (for time coding the seismograms and logging the station spatial co-ordinate).
  • 24 seismometers (horizontal or vertical component mode).
  • 9 3-component jigs so these seismometers may be deployed relatively easily as 3-component sets.
  • Solar panels to aid deployment when remote from mains electrical supply.
  • Other miscellaneous equipment, cables, crates etc. is available so that this equipment can be deployed as a coordinated local earthquake monitoring network, or as individual free-standing stations for various seismic purposes.

Adjacent to the Lab are three seismometer pits prepared by the British Geological Survey, Edinburgh. One of these contains BGS equipment, a second contains a 3-component set of seismometers for local recording, and the third can be used as an equipment test-bed. The Lab contains modern computers and programs for seismology research and data analysis.