Academic staff and primary topics Academic staff and primary topics

Name and School Primary topic taught Description
Prof Jan Alexander (ENV) Earth Sciences

Prof Alexander is the module leader for the Fossil Fuels module which is a compulsory module. Her research expertise in earth sciences and geological records of environmental change support this module which focuses on understanding how oil and gas reserves are found and exploited.

Dr. Matthew Alexander (ENG) Materials Science and Renewable Energy Dr Alexander leads two energy engineering modules and has many years of experience working within the oil and gas industry and in high-tech engineering start-ups. His research interest is in the development of electrostatic atomisation technology for broad ranging applications including power generation, high resolution printing and spacecraft propulsion.
Dr Alan Bond (ENV) Environmental Impact Assessment Dr Bond publishes widely in the areas of sustainability and environmental impact assessment. He delivers two optional level M modules on the theory and effectiveness of environmental impact assessment.
Dr Konstantinos Chalvatzis (NBS) Energy and Business Dr Chalvatzis is an Energy Engineer lecturing on business and climate change within the Business School. He provides support for students engaged in energy project work that has a business-related context.
Prof Lawrence Coates (ENG) Marine Energy Professor Coates is course director for the energy programmes and although he teaches on a few modules his passion is for anything to do with water. He has a particular interest in marine energy capture devices. He also supports students from across the faculty in entering national energy competitions.
Dr Mark Coleman (BIO) Biofuels Dr Coleman is a plant biologist with an interest in exploiting alternative biofuel feedstock crops, in particular aquatic plants that do not conflict with food production. He works closely with InCrops and the Institute of Food Research on the Norwich Research Park. He supports the teaching of biofuels within the undergraduate and postgraduate energy and biological sciences programmes.
Prof Stephen Cox (CMP) Electricity Prof Cox works within the School of Computing Sciences and delivers basic material underpinning the electrical power modules.
Mr Peter Haynes (VL) Commercial aspects and risk Mr Haynes has many years experience working in the oil and gas industry with Amoco and BP. He is an honorary lecturer who specialises in explaining the commercial realities of risk in the energy environment.
Dr Eleni Kaplani (ENG) Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Systems Dr Kaplani contributes in the Energy Engineering and the Solar Energy modules. Her research interests are in solar energy, photovoltaic systems with an emphasis in performance, degradation, prediction, optimization, and intelligent energy buildings, incorporating simulation, modelling and experimental studies.
Dr Alan Kendall (ENV) Fossil Fuels Dr Kendall's industry experience of oil and gas exploration feeds into the Fossil Fuels module.
Prof Alexander Korobkin (MTH) Engineering Mathematics Prof Korobkin's proven expertise in Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction and ongoing experience in industrial projects allows him to provide many engineering examples in support of the teaching of mathematics within the programmes
Dr Dianzi Liu Energy Engineering Principles

Dr Liu leads Energy Engineering Principles (structure) and Engineering Mathematics and Mechanics Modules. His research interests are structural analysis (including laminated composites) and optimization driven designs. Numerical simulations and efficient algorithms implementation for design optimization are main research areas he actively focuses on.

Dr Sonia Melendi-Espina (MTH) Chemical Engineering

Dr Sonia Melendi-Espina leads the Nuclear and Solar Energy module, contributes in the Renewable Energy module and supervises some Individual Energy Projects. Her research interests are in the area of development, scale up and processing of functionalized carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, nanofibres and graphenes for potential applications in composites, chemical engineering and environmental processes.

Dr Ben Milner (CMP) Electrical Distribution Dr Milner leads two of the modules within the electrical power theme. His engineering experience after his electronic engineering degree was with BT where he developed innovative sensors.
Prof Paul Rijks (VL) Commercial aspects and risk Prof Rijks has many years of experience working for Shell International. He has been appointed as a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Innovation. His remit is to embed commercial awareness within all years of our programmes. His vast experience of management of energy assets around the world is invaluable.
Dr Congxiao Shang (ENV) Energy and Hydrogen Dr Shang works within the renowned Energy Materials laboratory at UEA and contributes to several energy modules. Her expertise in hydrogen storage and low carbon energy technologies is at the forefront.
Prof David Stevens (MTH) Statistics Professor Stevens delivers parts of the mathematics within the programmes. His research expertise is in oceanography which includes mathematical modelling and observations.
Dr Wenjia Wang (CMP) Computing Dr Wang leads the Application Programming modules which is a level M option within the MSc programme. He has a multitude of research interests most of which rely on high performance computing facilities.