08 December 2022

MSc Energy Engineering - Nozomu Takigawa

Nozomu Takigawa graduated from UEA in 2020 from the MSc Energy Engineering course. He currently works as a Site Acquisition Specialist for a renewable energy company in Japan.

In this interview we discussed his experience as an international student at UEA, and how he feels the MSc Energy Engineering course has prepared him for working in the energy industry.

What drew you to study Energy Engineering at UEA?

During my undergraduate degree I studied Physics.

The subject was very interesting but I felt that I wanted to do something more practical.

I found that UEA was well-known in the energy industry, especially relating to offshore energy, and so I felt that if I studied on this course then I would become an asset to employers.

How would you describe your experience studying on this course?

I had to adjust to the new education system which was very different from Japan, my country of origin

And the course was very challenging. But the course was also very small, with only three other classmates, so I got to know my professors well and we all became close.

The professors gave me an interesting perspective on the energy industry, and on other courses I think there might have been less opportunity to talk with the professors so that was very good on this course.

What was your experience like as an international student at UEA?

There was a language barrier between myself and my classmates and professors. But they were all really kind.

If I didn’t understand what my professors were saying then they broke it down for me, so that was helpful. My professors were open-minded and embraced who I was.

Did you take part in any careers events or employability opportunities?

We had events with companies related to the energy industry.

I attended the East of England Energy Group Awards & End of Year Ceremony, and after the ceremony there was some free time in which I was able to talk to people working in the offshore energy industry.

There was also a seminar relating to how to use LinkedIn more efficiently, and that was very helpful for me.

How do you feel this course prepared you for your current career?

The course gave me a comprehensive understanding of the different areas of energy industry.

This included renewable energy - which is what I currently focus on in my job. 

What was your career path after graduating from UEA?

During my dissertation, I had the opportunity to work with a local company specialising in the offshore wind field.

After graduation I was able to work with them further to design specific devices, so I decided to stay in the UK for another six months.

My current job is to acquire solar power sites in Japan, so it is domestic-orientated but it does relate to the knowledge that I gained during my time at UEA.

I work from home but sometimes I travel to different places in Japan to look at solar power plants. It’s great to be able to travel around Japan, and it is also rewarding because the company I work for is relatively new, so there are lots of opportunities to work towards big projects.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering studying Energy Engineering at UEA?

Make sure you are preparing for lectures and getting a practical understanding of the content.

You can find pretty much anything on the internet nowadays, so that is a good resource!

And make sure you talk to your professors about anything you don’t understand. It’s good to focus on enhancing your strengths, because that can help you to find a job in a specific area.


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