BA Intercultural Communication - Kaddy Sabally

Kaddy Sabally studied BA Intercultural Communication at UEA.

Here we find out more about the what the course offers.

What drew you to UEA and the intercultural communication course? 

I was born in Spain, but my parents are from Gambia, so I grew up with three languages.

It was natural for me to explore languages and cultures.

How did you decide that you wanted to study intercultural communication?

In 2016 I went for a volunteer experience in Zimbabwe, and I experienced the impact of being able to communicate with other cultures and how I could really help.

We were helping people in the community build their CV and get jobs, and we were talking to them about sexual and reproductive health.

It made me realise that having that open mindedness that comes with travelling and learning about different cultures made me happy. I felt that I was able to help people in some way.

What was your favourite thing about the course?

My favourite thing was learning communication in-depth: discourse and the power that language holds.

Also, learning how to use communication methods to be able to more easily connect with other people and cultures.

What do you think you’ve learned which will be useful as you move into your career?

When I first started I was nervous about presenting and talking to different people.

I was really shy. I was judging my English.

I thought ‘oh, I won't be able to do it’. But being on the course and presenting in front of the class built my confidence.

How did you start thinking about your career? 

I used CareerCentral and I'm still in contact with them.

I’ve contacted them since graduating for support and have had some help with CV preparation. They’ve also offered help with interview preparation.

During your time at UEA did you do any extracurricular activities? 

Yes, I was a volunteer for the Ziggurat sports challenge.

I did that last year and I also signed up for the UEA Award.

Do you have any particular career aspirations?

Yes, I'm looking for something where I can use my languages, my communication and presenting skills.

So, I’m looking at HR maybe, or project management, or product development.

Do you have any words of advice for prospective students who might be considering doing the course that you did?

Come in with an open mind – it’s different from what you expect.

For me, I was expecting it to just be about communication, but I was able to choose business management modules as well.

You can choose something you are passionate about and then go for it with an open mind. 

If you could have done anything differently in your university experience what would you have done? 

I would have networked more.

I would go out more and put myself more out there. I would join more societies, be more sociable.  


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