Barry MacDonald papers Barry MacDonald papers


The Mask of Method.pdf

Private Politics of Organisational Change.pdf


Curriculum Research and Development Projects.pdf

Bilingual Schooling in Boston.pdf


1999-Dr Honoris Causa.pdf

1997-How education became nobody's business.pdf

1997-Spanish version - How education became nobody's business.pdf

1996-How Education Became Nobody's Business.pdf

1995-La Evaluacion como servicio publico .pdf

1994-Values Power and Strategy in Evaluation Design.pdf

1994-Evaluation in the Social Services.pdf

1993-Democracy,Bureaucracy and the Professionalisation of Police Service.pdf

Microworlds and Real Worlds-pp26-52.pdf

Microworlds and Real Worlds.pdf

1992-Microworlds and Real Worlds pp 1-25.pdf

1991-Critical Introduction.pdf


1988-Transcript from videotape.pdf

1988-The Independent Policy Evaluation.pdf

acDonald-1988-Evaluating the Humanities Curriculum Project.pdf

1987-The State of Education Today.pdf

1987-The Limitations of Programme Evaluation.pdf

1987-Research and Action in Context of Policing.pdf

1985-Report on a visit to India.pdf

1984-Teacher Education and Curriculum Reform.pdf

1984-Teacher Education ... (long).pdf

1982-Managing Change in Schools and Colleges.pdf

1982-Just for the Record.pdf

1982-Educational Evaluation in the Contemporary World.pdf

1981-Interviewing in Case Study Evaluation.pdf

1980-The Stranger at the Door.pdf

1980-Letters from a Headmaster.pdf

1980-Case Study Memos E498.pdf


1979-Hard Times-Educational Accountability in England.pdf

1979-Hard Times Accountability in England.pdf

1979-Evaluation of the EEC Pilot Projects.pdf

1979-Democracy and Evaluation.pdf

1978-Accountability Standards and the Process of Schooling.pdf

1977-The Portrayal of Persons as Evaluation Data.pdf

1977-The Democratisation of Test Construction.pdf

1977-School Accountability.pdf

1977-Computer Assisted Learning.pdf

1976-Who's Afraid of Evaluation.pdf

1976-Macro-project and Meta-evaluation.pdf

1976-BEd Degree.pdf

1975-Safari Profiles.pdf

1975-Evaluation on the Run.pdf

1975-Case Study and the Social Philosophy of Education Research.pdf

1974-The First Year of National Development Programme.pdf

1974-Evaluation and the Control of Education.pdf

1973-Re-thinking Evaluation.pdf

1972-School and Society Innovation.pdf

1971-Teaching Race in Schools.pdf