Literacy and development research directions Literacy and development research directions

Our research agenda has evolved over the years in response to its members' experience and interests, but has remained consistent in terms of its methodological and theoretical contribution. LDG's work is characterised by:
  • Students LDCExploring ‘alternative methodologies' within education and development, particularly in relation to investigating the implications of adopting ethnographic and participatory approaches within a policy context.
  • Taking a social practice ‘lens' to researching literacies in differing contexts (including academic literacy in higher educational institutions) with a view to enhancing practice.
  • Inter-disciplinary perspectives and methodologies, particularly collaboration between anthropologists and economists on areas such as literacy measurement.
Specific research themes have emerged in the work of LDG and their colleagues in the Schools of Education and Lifelong Learning and International Development. We are actively building on these areas through preparing funding proposals for new projects related to the themes below: