Timetable of Requirements Timetable of Requirements

Requirements - 27th February - 10th March

KS1/2 students:

 Whole class teaching for approximately 8 hours. Focus on core subjects and some foundation subjects.

FS students:

 Whole class responsibility for approximately 8 hours. Ensure you gain experience teaching across the prime areas as well as specific areas of learning and development. Take responsibility for whole class continuous provision inside and outside.

All students:

 Use ICT to support teaching and learning, as appropriate, across the curriculum.

 Work alongside other teachers and undertake other duties within the school.

 If possible, plan and deliver a guided reading or writing activity in the teaching of English this week.

 Ensure you are familiar with the requirements for teaching phonics during this placement.

Placement Days 23rd January - 10th February

All students:

  •  Work with individuals and groups of pupils for about 2 hours daily over the practice.
  •  Make opportunities to observe other teachers.
  •  Assist CT by supervising pupils activities across the curriculum

FS students:

  • Teach whole class for 14 - 18 hours over this part of the practice. This should include:
  •  Taking responsibility for organising, managing and leading the whole class time for one/two hours daily. This includes whole class opportunities such as snack times, story time, and circle time.
  •  Leading some sessions across all 7 areas of learning and development.
  •  Plan and teach a small group activity based around an object, a book or an event that fits in with the current themes and interests. Reflect on the learning that takes place and how you might build upon it.

KS1/2 students:

Teach whole class for 14 – 18 hours over this part of the practice. This should include:

  •  Teaching whole class (or most of the class) for one/two hours daily. Focus on core subjects.

Placement Days - 19th & 20th January

Induction by Student Support Teacher (SST) or Class Teacher (CT).

  •  Be linked to a class.
  •  Observe teachers in variety of classes and year groups in the school for about one hour daily.
  •  Assist CT in teaching across the curriculum and work with individuals and small groups of pupils
  •  Arrange to teach whole class sessions from 25 January onwards.

FS students:

  •  Ensure observations are made in other FS classes and pre-school provision if possible.
  •  take some responsibility for leading some whole class activities (e.g. story time, snack time, organising continuous provision inside and outside).
  •  Start to immerse yourself in the children’s learning/play (e.g join in the role play), paying particular attention to cultivating learning dialogues.

Documentation and Forms Documentation and Forms

General Course Documents 2016-17

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Placement Guide - Word and PDF

School B - Autumn term

Audit of requirements - Word and PDF

School A - Spring term

Audit of requirements - PDF

School B - Summer term

Audit of requirements - PDF