A Career in Teaching A Career in Teaching

The Discover Teaching Scheme is managed by the Outreach office at UEA.  This involves the recruitment and training of tutors, liaison with schools to organise placements and organisation of travel. 

The Scheme aims to offer support to local primary and secondary schools, whilst providing in school experience for students who are considering a career in teaching. 

Teaching is a creative, challenging and invigorating profession which offers great prospects, with a wide variety of activities and opportunities.  Experience in schools is key to making an informed decision about whether teaching is for you plus relevant, recent, schools experience also supports a successful PGCE application.

What the Scheme can offer you

We are offering all students at UEA the opportunity to gain this experience in primary and secondary schools. 

In the primary scheme, tutors will support general classroom activity with a particular focus on literacy, numeracy and science.

In the secondary scheme, tutoring makes a real difference to the revision and ultimately the results of current GCSE students.  A Student Tutor supports a young person in a particular subject where they are currently underachieving and unlikely to achieve the required grades to enable them to progress onto further education.

Time commitment is flexible and can be arranged to fit in with your studies, however, we do require you to commit at least two hours per week during a six-week period.

It is anticipated that the next placements will begin at the end of January 2017.

Want to find out more?

You should find everything you need to know in our FAQ guide but if we've missed something out, or you have any queries or concerns, contact discover.teaching@uea.ac.uk