Manjinder previously worked as a teacher of secondary Mathematics for ten years in multicultural, city schools, in Norwich and Bristol. She has been working with trainee teachers for almost ten years in a number of higher education institutions, including  University of East Anglia, University of Sheffield and University of Manchester. Her doctorate research is about problem-solving and involves her PGCE mathematics students and their school-based mentors. She is co-author of the chapter ‘Learning to teach mathematics in a multicultural society’ in the book Mentoring Mathematics Teachers: Supporting and Inspiring Pre-Service and Newly Qualified Teachers.

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Biza, I., Nardi, E., Thoma, A., Kayali, L., Cook, T., Hughes, E., Wolsey, R., Joel, G., Jagdev, M.


Working atmosphere in the secondary mathematics classroom: When things do not work according to the lesson plan,

in Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics.

British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

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