Eleanor Cockerton is a Lecturer on the Primary PGCE (Mathematics and Early Years). She had 25 years of teaching experience primarily in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 before joining the Primary PGCE team. She leads the Early Years Foundation Stage component of the course and is the Admissions Tutor. She is a governor at a local primary school with responsibility for mathematics. She has presented at the Norfolk Primary Mathematics Conference, at an Italian mathematics teachers’ conference in Malo, Italy and co-presented at the 2009 PME conference in Thessalonica.  Her latest research is looking at how well our primary PGCE course prepares student teachers to address special educational needs and how this might be improved.

Eleanor aims to build confidence and enthusiasm in trainee teachers alongside the ability to inspire and excite children in their learning. She believes that our education system should give children the tools to become lifelong learners.

All Publications

Cockburn, A., Cockerton, E.


Prospective primary mathematics teachers in action: exploring capabilities and constraints,

UEA Repository



Cockburn, A., Cockerton, E., Manning, R., Parslow-Williams, P.


Thinking to the future: prospective teachers encouraging children's mathematical thinking,

in Supporting Independent Thinking Through Mathematical Education.

Nowa Era Publishing

pp. 156-157

UEA Repository



Key Research Interests

Eleanor has worked with Professor Anne CockburnRalph Manning and Dr Paul Parslow Williams on a project to establish how trainee teachers can be encouraged to maximise children’s mathematical thinking and reduce the opportunities for misconceptions. At present she is working with the same group, awaiting the outcome of an EU Comenius bid, to work on a multilateral international early mathematics teaching project.

Eleanor’s research interests include early mathematical thinking and how teachers can encourage this.She also has an interest inkeeping learning alive for boys.


“Are we giving students a formula for teaching which inhibits their ability to deliver an appropriate level of learning?” Chapter published in Swoboda, E., and Guncaga,J (Eds.) (2009) Child and Mathematics. Poland: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

Currently re-writing some chapters of a 3rd edition of Cockburn, A. and Handscombe G (Eds) Teaching Children 3-11

Teaching Interests

 Eleanor Cockerton teachers on the Primary PGCE course in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning.