Christine O'Hanlon is an Honorary Reader in the School of Education and Professional Development. She was previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham before her appointment to UEA in 1998. Christine O'Hanlon has an international reputation for her involvement in EU education initiatives and projects since the mid eighties and her associated writing about policy and practice in the 'inclusion' of students with special educational needs (SEN), and marginalised groups, like Travellers, and action research as a process in CPD. In recent years she has extended her professional practice to Hong Kong where she has been a visiting fellow at the CSNSIE at the Hong Kong Institute of Education since 2002. She has presented seminars in Hong Kong annually, associated with the topic of 'inclusion', action research and CPD. She has been the director of a number of funded research projects and has initiated and created a Master's level course on 'Professional Development for Inclusive Education' at UEA. She currently supervises students at Masters and PhD level, presents lectures and seminars in UEA and contributes to current teaching and research programmes. She has been the editor of 'Research Intelligence' and a member of the BERA Executive.

Since 1984 she has presented 70+ papers at Conferences in the U.K, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, USA and Hong Kong. A substantial number of these papers have been requested as 'keynotes' or an 'invited guest speaker’ (37). Many have been published in the particular education Associations' Conference Reports (23).

Some of the most recent keynotes are:

SEN Inclusion Conference, University of Ripon and St John, June 2000, keynote entitled' 'Europe and the Development of Inclusive Educational Policy'.

Centre for Special Needs Studies in Education, Institute of Education, Hong Kong, seminar for educational professionals, entitled: 'Doing Research with Vulnerable People', and 'Action Research for Inclusive Schools and Classrooms', November 2001.

Teacher Research Conference, University of Patra, Greece, May 2001, paper entitled: 'The Political Perspective: Ideology and freedom in educational action research'.

Staff seminar: ‘What makes Action Research a personal educational journey for PhD students?’ Hong Kong Institute of Education, November 2003.

Public lecture: What makes inclusion work? Strategies for success.’ November 2002 Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Public Seminar: ‘Social Justice for Inclusion’, Hong Kong Institute of Education November 2004.

Research student seminar: Action Research and the Assessment of Students with SEN’, November 2004.

PhD student seminar: ‘Action Research and its’ Assessment at Doctoral Level’, Hong Kong Institute of Education, November 2004.

A Case-study in Action Research Illustrating Personal and Professional Change, (2005) University of Klagenfurt, Austria,

International Symposium on, Action Research and Education in Contexts of Poverty, Celebrating Professor Orlando Fals Borda’s life and work. Keynote address entitled: ‘The Poverty of Privilege and Ignorance: Providing Equal Educational Opportunities for Marginalised Children through Action Research’. La Salle University, Bogota, Colombia. May 2007. ]


Authored Books

What is your School Doing for Travelling Children? (1996), a Staff Development Pack, published by EFECOT (European Federation for the Education of the Children of the Occupational Travellers) Brussels, pp.89.

Educational Inclusion as Action Research; an interpretive discourse. (2003) Buckingham, Open University Press.

The Education of Gypsy and Traveller Children: towards inclusion and educational achievement, (2004), with Pat Holmes, Stoke-on-Trent, Trentham books, pp.170.

Edited Books

Professional Development through Action Research in Educational Settings (1996), London Falmer Press.pp.213. ISBN 0 7507 0507 cased ISBN 0 7507 0508 paper.

School Leavers Perception of their Schooling in the UK, (1999) with Neil de Reybekill, at the German Institute for International Research, Frankfurt am Main.

Book Chapters

Personal and Professional Development in Teacher Education, (1996) in ‘Schule Verandern Durch Aktionsforschung’, edited by Johanna Juna and Paul Kral, by Stidien Verlag Ges.m.b.H. Innsbruck pp.61-76. ISBN 3 7065 1162 2.

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Using Action Research to Support Students with Special Educational Needs (2009) in 'The SAGE Handbook of Educational Action Research', eds Noffke S & Somekh B, London, Sage, p.118-131.  ISBN: 978-1-4129-4708-4

Journal Articles

‘Do Students and Teachers Agree in their Perception of what School Discipline is?’ (1997) with Ramzi Haroun, in Educational Review, Vol. 49 no. 3. pp.237 -251.

‘Teachers' Perception of Discipline Problems in a Jordanian Secondary School’ (1997) with Ramzi Haroun, in Pastoral Care in Education, (Journal for Pastoral Care and Personal and Social Education). Vol. 15 pp.

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Doing Research with Vulnerable People (2000) on website at*

Action Research for Inclusive Classrooms and Schools (2000), with John Elliott, on website at

‘Action Research Evaluation in a Playcentre: Staff Training for Children With Special Educational Needs?’, in Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood,(2007) in press.

Research Reports

Investigating Factors Associated with the Failure of Mainstream Education Provision for Children with Down's Syndrome_ (1998), the Down's Syndrome Association London, with Bob Turner.

Young People Achieving Their Potential in Rural Norfolk? Final report with Maggie Teggin (2001), CARE University of East Anglia ISBN: 0 9539983 1 2.

Young People Achieving Their Potential in Rural Norfolk? Executive Summary with Maggie Teggin (2001), CARE, University of East Anglia ISBN: 0 9539983 2 0.

All Publications

O'Hanlon, C.


The European struggle to educate and include Roma people: A critique of differences in policy and practice in Western and Eastern EU countries,

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